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Friday Snippet: Our new remote lives

Friday Snippet - Remote Life

Is there a better recipe for disaster than changing career, dive headfirst into a new industry, meet a new team only virtually, leave your home and move to a new city - all while in lockdown in the middle of a pandemic?

I personally can’t think of anything more challenging than this, considering all the above is not done in my own mother language.

The whole world had to adapt to a new way of working, we all quickly had to embrace Webex as our new best friend, Slack to replace our own voice and a Zoom social as the new well-deserved end of week drink to cool off and have some fun time with colleagues.

This is what happened to me in the past couple of months and in hindsight all I can say is that no challenge is too big if you have the right people around you, the right curious mindset and a good work/life balance.

Shout out to the amazing team at Fnality!

A company with big ambitions and even bigger values - where collaboration, support, inclusion and openness to diversity are not just buzzwords on a slide, but fundamental to a new way of doing business, with people and wellbeing at the centre of it.

Ph. Credits: Mikey Harris on Unsplash

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Alessandra Gaudio

Written by Alessandra Gaudio

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