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Friday Snippet: What Makes Fnality the Best Start-up to Work For?

One of the things I always say to prospective team members is that Fnality has the best of both worlds - the financial stability and wealth of experience that you find in established corporates, but with the freedom, flexibility and fast pace of a start-up or scale-up. We were lucky enough to have raised £55 million in our Series A fundraising, being backed by 15 of the biggest international names in banking and finance. The quality of these shareholders is really the best sort of foundation for a mission as unprecedented as Fnality’s, but the success of the fundraise also means that we can compensate all our teammates more than fairly, benchmarking our salaries on a twice-yearly basis as well as keeping our salaries in the top 25% of comparable roles in comparable industries. Moreover, our keen approach to budgeting and balancing this with employee retention, engagement and development meant that during the pandemic we didn’t have to place a single team member on furlough, could give everyone a working from home allowance, and still provide a personal L&D budget. 

In addition to the strength and support from a wider company perspective, we also actively support team members to grow and branch out into areas which would traditionally be outside of their job description. For that reason, our job descriptions and job titles are quite often deliberately vague, as each team member will be part of a cross-functional team which aims to be self-sufficient and shares tasks according to what has been prioritised as a business. Ideally, this makes each team more resilient; for example, if someone leaves or goes off sick, they will have previously shared enough of their knowledge, experience or just kept others up to date enough to be able to pick up where they left off. This of course speaks to the stability and focus on mitigating risks that is paramount for Fnality, but also means that team members often take on tasks they never thought they would enjoy or have the opportunity to work on, at times moving their prime focus to other areas; and in the past we have had Talent Acquisition experts become Product Owners, PA’s becoming Commercial Analysts, and Change professionals focusing more on HR. 

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of this way of working means that everyone can not only really see across the whole business, but also actively get involved; living and breathing the roadmap that is Fnality’s path to our MVP and beyond. Having insight into the strategic approach towards a company’s mission is something usually only few, senior members of staff are privy to. At Fnality, we decide in company-wide meetings the steps to prioritise and paths to take in order to reach our outcomes, giving every team member, whatever their experience, a chance to weigh in and speak to what they think is important. 


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