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The Two Gs Amongst Life’s Transitions

When the Covid Lockdown hit early last year, life seemingly came to a standstill. In that period of calm, my husband and I vowed to express to each other 5 things we felt grateful for every morning before work. Little did I know, that soon after that quiet period and by the end of that year, we would find ourselves moving overseas to the UK from South Africa.

In amongst the transition of packing up our lives and moving into the unknown during a worldwide pandemic, we kept up our ritual of gratefulness. Now, over a week into my exciting new job at Fnality, I see the precious moments in each season. Looking back now, I see how this practice humbled me to the point of appreciation for the simplest things that we sometimes take for granted - a job, health or a roof over our heads. For each person, that may look slightly different.

In these moments, I realised the perspective of the glass half full and the immense opportunity that I have in this life. Sometimes we need to take a deep breath and consider another perspective as well as our immense privileges in this life. No, this is not another ‘be grateful’ lecture. Gratefulness is a state of being, an actual choice, and it involves grace.

Grace is a funny thing. It requires nothing of us, yet daily we can place this expectancy on ourselves and others to always be better and do better. I know I personally fall into these cycles very often. When we look at what we have, sometimes it’s enough and we need to speak over ourselves ‘it is enough, I am enough’.

Gratefulness and grace, two Gs I cannot simply get out of my head, nor do I want to. I hope this will be an easy alliteration that continually washes over me, and you, during life’s most overwhelming and tumultuous transitions.  




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Lisa McNaught

Written by Lisa McNaught

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