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Friday Snippet: Giulia’s experience of working remotely

Giulia Secco Fnality Friday Snippet

Remote working has always been available to all Fnality’s employees, nevertheless, going to the office every day was still the “norm”.

Covid-19 has caught us all unprepared, but we’ve quickly learnt to stretch the boundaries of remote collaboration through our new Remote First ways of working. 

Overall, we have discovered that we are still able to perform & deliver – actually we have performed better than ever! The Fnality community that we had built, was still able to flourish despite the distance and this led us to feel more committed & close to each other. We’ve turned our daily interactions into virtual coffees, buddy catch-ups, end-of-the-week quizzes & games, mental health and wellbeing sessions, and we have even held a successful and engaging all-in-virtual-day! We found ourselves apart but not alone.

For some “expats”, like myself, Remote First has meant more flexibility in location, we have been able to visit and look after our loved ones in our home countries, without losing our jobs & our ambitions.

Yes, of course, we do miss face-to-face interactions, we do miss the informal but enriching coffee break chit-chats, we do miss our old lives and freedoms, but we also know that we are more resilient now because we’ve experienced the positive impact we can make on our productivity, our work-life balance, and our carbon footprints.

There is still lots for us all to learn, from adjusted security and office requirements to maintaining culture and wellbeing, but we see this forced adaptation as the beginning of a new paradigm, a shift of attitude towards a more inclusive and diverse world.

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Giulia Secco

Written by Giulia Secco

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