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Fnality celebrate Diversity!


Over the past month, 
nality has supported the Pride movement and given you a glimpse into our ways of working with interviews and testimonies from some of our 'Fnamily'. While we celebrate the importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I) we would like to share three of Fnality’s core values. 



We build trust by being actively respectful, open and honest 

No matter who you are, where you come from, your sexual orientation or the colour of your skin  Fnality actively respects everyone equally and does not tolerate discrimination of any form. Fnality recognises that through diverse thinking we remove the 'group-think' mentality which can often occur in workplaces. Through continuing to encourage open and honest conversations, building communities of trust, everyone feels comfortable to contribute and work together to develop innovative solutions necessary in building next generation payment systems. 


We actively embrace diversity of thinking to collaboratively solve problems 

Diversity of thinking is in the DNA of Fnality, and we recognise the value inherent in our employees varied backgrounds, personalities, and life experiences. Fnality is a fully agile organisation, meaning that we approach everything we do with flexibility, cross-functionality, and open-mindedness. By placing these values at the centre of our ways of working, we also aim to empower everyone at Fnality to make meaningful contributions not only to individual tasks or functions, but to the entire organisation. 


We are consciously inclusive, ensuring everyone feels they belong 

Over the past few months, we have embraced our new remote working lifestyle - viewing it as an opportunity to solidify our core value of inclusivity and sense of belonging. In speaking with some of our newest joiners during this period, they have complimented our induction programme and staff on making them feel welcomed from day one. At Fnality, there is a conscious effort to ensure that employee morale and culture remains as strong as ever during these uncertain times. We have introduced virtual team events to encourage bonding, lunch roulette to get to stay in touch with our colleagues and masterclasses around topics which our colleagues are passionate about - for example 'cognitive bias'.    


From our CPO, Robert Fanshawe

People, regardless of 
Race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or personal situations should always feel  
Included, that they are welcome and wanted.
Defiant we stand against all forms of prejudice, 
Empowering each other to bring our full selves to our life’s work. 


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