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Friday Snippet: Getting closer to Fnality through the eyes of a Consultant Engineer

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Who am I? 

This must be an important question for anyone who is reading this article, right? 
I am a Consultant Engineer & have worked with organisations of different scales and domains like E-Commerce, Media and recently FinTechs. 
As a consultant, we move around between different clients and each time we are reborn with some fond and not so fond memories of our experience. Hence you are reading an article from a five-month-old toddler reborn as a Platform Engineer consultant in Fnality. 

The Culture 

To me, the culture of an organisation is a mirror of the people working in it. 
With great pride, Fnality has got diversity in its heart and represents an all-inclusivity visionInitiatives like the Buddy sessions, Lunch & Learn, and Foodnality (a slack channel where we share our kitchen successes!) are some of the great examples of our effort to keep us together even though we are so far apart. 
Our commitment towards giving back to society is evident from our ever-evolving Environmental, Social & Governance practices. 
I have enjoyed, learnt and expressed my true self each day on the role.  
As we say, we are "Fnamily" where each member is treated with great care and respect by practising a flat structure. 

What makes us unique? 

We practice Agile unlike any other company, where each member works with a Cross-Functional Team of Tech, Legal, Marketing, HR, Finance etc. This ensures mutual growth, developed understanding of whole business efforts and sense of pride with each milestone we achieve in any of the respective areas.  
In my short career, I have seen many organisations talking about TOIL and reassessing the ways of working or taking a Bottom-Up approach while decomposing or prioritising the product roadmap. At Fnality we have recently paused all the new work and everyone in the organisation was involved in the Brainstorming, Product Roadmap, Prioritisation workshops and everyone's input was counted.


As Uncle Ben has famously said:"With great power comes great responsibility". Our goal is to establish a Fnality Payment System (“FnPS”) in each key global currency for a wide range of wholesale market participants. 
This brings us to regulatory and technology challenges as currently, no other institution has such an offering. But if you have been following us you will be glad to hear that we are keeping up quite well by delivering the Fnality Access & Blockchain products to our participants for testing.

Some of the key technical challenges we are in process of resolving include, but are not limited to are: 

  • Real-time settlements
  • Building a resilient and robust Payment System preferably using a multi and hybrid cloud solution 
  • Developing underlying Infrastructure Agnostic Payment System 
  • Security by design by practising key design principals of Shift Left, Zero Trust network & others. 


There is no perfect recipe for an ideal organisation, it's something we learn and evolve by performing those small time-boxed experiments. 
As a consultant, we need such places where ideas are appreciated and given the due time and support to implement them. The notion of mutual growth with the aim of serving society with our capabilities is what gives Fnality a special place in all our hearts. 
Its a pleasure being part of this great journey and Fnamily. 


Ph. Credits: Social.Cut on Unsplash

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Abhishek Singh Rajput

Written by Abhishek Singh Rajput

Consultant Engineer from Armakuni

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