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Our Access Product Release 2 has been made available for testing


Our Access Product Release 2

After a successful first release of our software, Fnality teams have been busy producing the second major iteration in our product lifecycle. The second release of our Fnality Access product, and the first release of Fnality Participate, which is hosted on our very own infrastructure, were released to Participants last week.


The overall goal of Fnality Access Release 2 is to provide functionality to connect from Fnality Access (Participant hosted) to Fnality Participate (Fnality hosted DLT Sandbox).

As part of this release, our Participants are able to test initial key functionality such as;

  • Onboarding Participants to the test Fnality Payment System – Creating their on chain digital identity and key exchange
  • Participants interacting with the test Fnality Payment System environment and retrieving their balance
  • Participants successfully funding the balance on their test Fnality Payment System account through our support process (the ability for the DLT to tokenise simulated central bank money)
  • A more robust support model to provide participants help installing and running the release


This is a key milestone establishing the connectivity between participants and the sandbox payment system with simulated central bank money and provides a large percentage of the overall products for early testing


We are committed to delivering our product updates including new functionality to get us to production go live as quickly and as safely as possible.

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Adam Clarke - CTO

Written by Adam Clarke - CTO

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