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Lisa Stuart on diversity & inclusion



We recently caught up with Lisa Stuart, within our People and Talent Guild, to discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I). Lisa tells us and that at Fnality “there is a meaningful culture of inclusion which stems from our values”.  


Lisa, what does Pride mean to you?

Lisa: For me, Pride is about being accepted for who you are and being proud of what you stand for. It’s about feeling comfortable and able to be your true self in any situation and taking  strength in difficult times.


How does diversity & inclusion fit in with the Fnality values?

It’s simple for any business to say that they're diverse, inclusive and welcoming – however – it’s another thing to act in that way and build it into the core of an organisation's culture and values. At Fnality, I strongly believe that there is a meaningful culture of inclusion and this stems from our values. From the recruitment process, the training, and the integrity of my co-workers, there is a sense that everyone belongs here.

I’ve been with Fnality for just 6 months, but it feels like much longer (in a good way!). When joining a new business there’s always a worry in the back of my mind about whether I can be my true self or not, and sometimes concerns that I would need to “come out” again. I never felt that at Fnality, it was easy just to be myself.

Of course, there is always room for improvement, and Fnality is always very transparent about ways to improve and push the standards above expectations. This adds to the level of respect I have for everyone in the business.


What more can be done to support diversity & inclusion in the workplace?

Lisa: I would suggest getting all employees involved in creating the values of a company - if the values and mission of a company are decided by just a select few, it will be harder for everyone to feel they can really relate to them and to the business. It may also be helpful to ask what causes employees would like the company to support, as there is a huge scope and there may be important issues that are missed. Finally, it’s important that companies don’t just use events like Pride to show how diverse they are, but genuinely live and breathe what it stands for, continuously educate your workforce around D&I, and celebrate the progress that is made, even if there is always more to be done.


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Lisa Stuart

Written by Lisa Stuart

Lisa is Fnality's Office Operations Manager, within the People and Talent Guild

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