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Friday Snippet: A Day In The Life Of A Product Analyst At Fnality International


Ever wondered what a life in the day of a Product Analyst looks like at Fnality International? Here is our own Ken Cruickshank to tell you all about it.

What does your working day look like? 

Every morning, I attend our stand up to discuss what we’ve been working on, discuss blockers etc. Then, I work on various pieces of work—this could range from working with Subject Matter Experts to define certain company policies to creating an incident management framework. We work collaboratively to meet the needs of our users. More recently, I have been involved in collaborating with the team on our bank account opening with the central banks, which has been incredibly interesting.  

How does working at Fnality differ from previous places you’ve worked?

For me a huge positive is having the opportunity to be involved in various initiatives as we are building and establishing a company. Whereas in previous roles, my focus was mainly on one area of the company. This proved to be challenging when wanting to get exposure to different areas of the business. This ties into the notion of being T-shaped—Fnality employees have a specialism, but are also exposed to a wide range of initiatives. This ultimately broadens every individual's experience.  

How do you think your skills and attributes have helped you succeed at Fnality? 

Having worked in banks, who are now our customers and shareholders, understanding their culture and mindset has been useful. 

How have you developed in both a professional and personal way since joining Fnality? 

Being exposed to DLT has been very rewarding and interesting. It is a technology which has a huge amount of potential.  

What do you enjoy about Fnality? 

The people. Colleagues are very helpful and always happy to fill in knowledge gaps. 

Would you recommend working at Fnality to others? 

If you like a challenge, enjoying learning and want to be exposed to a technology which has a promising future, then yes.  


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Ken Cruickshank

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