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Friday Snippet: A Day In The Life Of A Platform Engineer at Fnality International

A Day In The Life Of A Platform Engineer

Ever wondered what a life in the day of a Platform Engineer looks like at Fnality International? Here is our own Jowita Lapies to tell you all about it.

What does your working day look like? 

Every day is different - you work on various pieces of work, from being on support and helping our software partners or our participating banks, to implementing and building our platform. Most recently, I was involved in implementing BlackDuck, a vulnerability tool that identifies license and component quality risks. 

How does working at Fnality differ from previous places you’ve worked?

This is my first job in the FinTech industry, so it’s hard for me to compare. However, the strong Fnality culture makes you feel welcome. Everyone is helpful and willing to collaborate. It made a huge difference, especially when joining in lockdown. 

How do you think your skills and attributes have helped you succeed at Fnality? 

What helped me the most was being open to new experiences, always being keen to learn, and happy to collaborate where needed.  

How have you developed in both a professional and personal way since joining Fnality? 

Being exposed to blockchain technology and being able to work with it. It’s extremely interesting.  

What do you enjoy about Fnality? 

I enjoy being challenged and being able to work on different aspects of Technology, such as security and Blackduck or automation and Concourse. I also enjoy learning new things and working with an amazing group of people. 

Would you recommend working at Fnality to others? 

Yes, if you enjoy collaborating with others and you are drawn to technology.  


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Jowita Lapies

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